Spirit Led Energy Healer

Spirit Led Energy Healer

The Inner Revival is an intuitive business based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering clients remote services from body and emotion code to spiritual direction, quantum touch, and sound bowls. At The Inner Revival, I offer the opportunity to experience a unique healing journey aligned with body, mind, and spirit. 

Energy healing helps to activate our physical and emotional wellness, achieve personal growth, and manifest mental clarity by releasing patterns and emotions that have been stored in our subconscious. It’s important to note that energy healing can help to: 

• Rebalance energetic patterns. 

• Improve mental and emotional wellbeing 

• Restore health and vitality 

• Release old beliefs and emotions

• Enhance spiritual connection 

• Receive guidance from the higher realms. 

• Achieves the full potential of the mind 

The Inner Revival is an intuitive and compassionate space created to help you unveil your wholeness. My finely tuned intuition, guided by the Divine, allows me to connect with clients in a more genuine and accurate way. My heart is to see people walk in their true identity and wholeness. With a better connection and understanding of the spiritual realms, you will actually see the true you emerging, along with new purpose and direction. 

 I can help you step into your highest, most powerful version of yourself so that you are living the life that you spiritually and intuitively know is true to you.