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Spirit Led Energy Healer

The Inner Revival is an intuitive business based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering clients remote services from body and emotion code to spiritual direction, quantum touch, and sound bowls. At The Inner Revival, I offer the opportunity to experience a unique healing journey aligned with body, mind, and spirit. 

Energy healing helps to activate our physical and emotional wellness, achieve personal growth, and manifest mental clarity by releasing ... Read more

My Healing Journey

I began to see in the spiritual realms at a young age and have been sensitive to others’ emotions and to non human energies around me. It wasn’t until my teens that I decided to pay more attention to what I was experiencing, but I did not see this as a gift. The experiences I had were not positive and the support and direction I had was scarce. I want to be that guidance for those that feel they have none. I have been able to use the spiritu... Read more

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Melanie Sanders

Nikki Is the most peaceful, caring and amazing person, I have been to a sound bath class and to an energy session and highly recommend both!

May 7, 2023
Rachel Dick

Nikki is caring and loving. She’s very in-tune with the Holy Spirit and is mindful of what God wants to do in her sessions. I’ve experienced body code, and emotion code by her and both have been beneficial in my life.

May 7, 2023
Kimberly Osment

Awesome ‼️

I havea long and sordid history. Emotional trauma. Medical trauma. Spiritual trauma. 

Nikki has been a sweet encouragement. She listens and is attentive. 

This week I had 5 days of an intense new pain. I was attempting to medicate (I'm not a pill popper) and everything I could imagine.  

Nikki offered to do a Body code session

Just about that time I was hit with terrible news. FRUSTRATION !

Nikki sent me notes from her session. My pain was significantly reduced EVEN WHILE DEALING WITH A STRESSFUL SITUATION.  

I was able to sleep WITHOUT PAIN. 


Spent day.... no medication 

Moving freely.

No exhaustion.

I'm a typical skeptic.

I also believe in spiritual healing. 

[I have previous experience 50 years ago of being healed after a group prayed while I lay in the hospital dying

It's easy to say coincidence 🤔 

it's easy to doubt. 

On the other hand, it's difficult to deny results. 

So grateful to have Nikki, her insight, and reaching out to offer healing needs met ❤️

May 7, 2023


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